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Bundle: Scenarios 1455-1461: Softcover & PDF

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The Bundle of the Softcover WotR Scenario book with the PDF. The contents and typical pages of the book may be viewed in the Softcover product description.

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1 review for Bundle: Scenarios 1455-1461: Softcover & PDF

  1. Gonsalvo

    I have played every one of these scenarios in playtesting, several of them many times, and each one is unique. None of them involve equal forces of the same composition battling it out. Many if not most of the actions of the Wars of the Roses occurred in unusual situations, and/or with uncertain arrival or loyalty of key participants. Victory is always possible for either side. Each scenario contains the key historical background as well, so playing through them in order is like experiencing the broad sweep of the conflicts! (excerpt from Blunders On The Danube blog)

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