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Additional Scenarios 1455-1497 (Softcover)

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Scenarios for a further 9 interesting (andย  lesser known) battles, each with an historical narrative to provide helpful context. These are smaller engagements which are very suitable for smaller collections of figures. Scenarios for other battles are available here.

  • Clyst Heath (15th December 1455)
  • Newnham Bridge (23rd April 1460)
  • Worksop (16th December 1460)
  • Twthill (16th October 1461)
  • Kingsthorpe (20th July 1469)
  • London (12th May 1471)
  • London (14th May 1471)
  • Deal (3rd July 1495)
  • Exeter (18th September 1497)

In order to play these scenarios, the WoR Rules & Cards are required.

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