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Scenarios 1455-1461 (Softcover)

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Scenarios for 8 key battles to be fought chronologically, each with a continuing historical narrative to provide helpful context. Scenarios for other battles are available here.

  • First St Albans (22nd May 1455)
  • Blore Heath (23rd September 1459)
  • Northampton (10th July 1460)
  • Wakefield (30th December 1460)
  • Mortimerโ€™s Cross (2nd February 1461)
  • Second St Albans (17th February 1461)
  • Ferrybridge (28th March 1461)
  • Towton (29th March 1461)

In order to play these scenarios, the WoR Rules & Cards are required.

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2 reviews for Scenarios 1455-1461 (Softcover)

  1. John M

    You two did such a great job with this! Usually a scenario book has a couple of pages per battle. You guys have given a history lesson, OOB, map, and more for your battles. That is so cool!!

    • Tim Couper

      Thanks for the encouragement! Weโ€™ve deliberately ordered the WotR battles chronologically with a short connecting history; this makes the games readily accessible to those who know little about the period.

  2. Richard M

    Another superb game last night – Mortimer’s Cross. I reckoned it was all over after half an hour due to a great run of cards and hot dice for the Lancastrians but the Yorkists pulled it back, it swung both ways and the Yorkists finally came out on top! Phew!

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