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Customer Reviews

Malc McDowall

“…They are a very playable set of rules; fun and fast play, with sufficient granularity to make them historically accurate. The scenarios were both educational and enlightening…”

Helmet and Sword Test of Resolve

Neil Wright

“… playing the battle of Northampton, the game swung backwards and forwards .. It is a testimony to the quality of the rules that both sides spent the entire game thinking they were just about to win.”

Steve Maher

“…Having used several rule sets, I would say, these are (finally) the rules I am looking for…..”

Rule Book

The rules – and scenario books – are available as Softcover, PDF and in discounted Bundles.


Watch our latest videos, and videos about us, to learn more about our rules, gameplay, and other miscellanea.

There’s a walkthrough of the rules here.

Game Design Criteria

  • The rules reflect and encourage the nature of warfare in this period.
  • Games are playable with figure sizes up to 28mm.
  • Games are able to be completed in an evening — from 1 to less than 3 hours, depending on the scale of the engagement.
  • Historical scenarios are playable on a 180 x 120cm (6’ x 4’) table with 28mm figures (and, of course, smaller scale ones).
  • Any historical (or fictitious) scenario has a high degree of replayability.
  • The rules are very suitable for solo play and for multiplayer gaming.
  • The rules also cover:
    • Continental & Irish mercenaries
    • Unreliable Commanders and Identity Confusion
    • Comprehensive terrain rules, particularly defensive positions, towns & rivers
  • The gaming experience is fun!