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Innovative wargame rules

Delivering period characteristics without undue complexity

High-quality rules, scenario books, PDFs, game cards & digital downloads

About the game

Test of Resolve requires only one twelve-sided die (D12) per side – and your figures! The game plays out with a small deck of cards representing the opposing factions. These cards are designed to introduce an innovative, realistic and exciting unpredictability to the game flow — and remind the players that commanders had little control of events when the fighting started!

The historical scenarios are typically completed in 1 to 2 hours, and all are designed to be played on a 180 x 120cm (6’ x 4’) table with figures of any scale.


I’m totally an ‘imagin-nation’ wargamer (my campaigns are always historically based armies with fantasy countries/maps). But even to me, the ToR scenario books are truly fantastic – an excellent blend of good research, period understanding and practical gaming ideas. Great stuff! Kudos to all involved!

Ken B

Wars of the Roses

… playing the battle of Northampton, the game swung backwards and forwards .. It is a testimony to the quality of the rules that both sides spent the entire game thinking they were just about to win.

Neil W

Wars of the Roses

…Having used several rule sets, I would say, these are (finally) the rules I am looking for…..

Steve M

Wars of the Roses

They are a very playable set of rules; fun and fast play, but with sufficient granularity to make them work for this period.

Malc M

War of Roses

What I like about the rules is the period flavour they give. Being very specific to this period many of the rules allow things to happen that no other set of rules, that I know about, would ever dream of allowing. For instance nobody wants to kill the King if they can help it, the rule which allows a unit to infiltrate the enemy lines and of course all the treachery that is going on.

Pat W

War of Roses

Wars of the Roses Rules, Cards and Scenarios

The Wars of the Roses (1455–1487) was a series of civil wars fought between the House of York, and the House of Lancaster over control of the English throne. These innovative Wars of the Roses rules include Continental and Irish mercenaries, challenges like Unreliable Commanders and Identity Confusion, as well as comprehensive terrain rules that include defensive positions, towns, and rivers.

We offer wargaming rules for the Wars of the Roses, in glossy soft cover binding or pdf. Watch the latest videos about us, to learn more about our rules, gameplay, and other miscellanea.

Hundred Years War Rules, Cards and Scenarios

The Hundred Years War (1337–1453) was a series of armed conflicts fought between the kingdoms of England and France. The war grew into a broader power struggle involving factions from across Western Europe, fuelled by emerging nationalism on both sides. Our Hundred Years War rules include the funnelling of advancing forces and disorder caused through crowding and the English arrow storm. Commanders are captured for ransom at the end of the game!

Rules Making History

We offer wargaming rules, cards and scenarios for The Hundred Years War, in glossy soft cover binding or pdf.

Game design criteria


Rules that reflect and encourage the nature of warfare in this period.



Games are designed to accommodate various figure sizes, ensuring versatility in gameplay. 

Historical scenarios are playable on a 180 x 120cm (6’ x 4’) table.


These games offer completion within a single evening, from 1 to less than 3 hours, depending on the level of engagement. Any historical (or fictitious) scenario has a high degree of replayability.


The rules are thoughtfully crafted to facilitate both solo and multiplayer gaming experiences, catering to diverse preferences.


With engaging mechanics and dynamic gameplay, the overall gaming experience is enjoyable and rewarding.